HAL 9000: "Dave, put

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  • HAL 9000: "Dave, put those Windows disks down...Dave...DAVE!"
  • Half of what I know today will be obsolete in five years--I'd just like to know which half
  • Half the failures in life result from pulling in one's horse when it is leaping
  • Half the fun of being alive is not knowing what tomorrow will bring.  The other half is pretending you don't care.
  • Happiness is a Tardis with a working dematerialization circuit
  • Happiness is seeing your DM's face on a milk carton
  • Happiness is the planet Earth in your rear view mirror
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy
  • Happy Happy Kill Kill
  • Hard work may not kill me, but why take chances?
  • Hardware: the part of the computer that can be kicked. If you can only curse at it, it's software.
  • Harmless ninja throwing button
  • Hatred is not a family value
  • Have an adequate day
  • Have an affair. It'll help break up the monogamy
  • Have an illuminated day! [picture of smiley pyramid]
  • Have food--will work for money
  • Have no fear--I never attack lesser beings
  • Have Tardis, will travel
  • Have you changed your tofu water today?
  • Have you ever had your phone tapped by the government? YOU WILL and the company that brings it to you is...AT&T
  • Have you hugged your dragon today?


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