God is who. Evolution is how

Ξ February 28th, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Humour |

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  • God is who. Evolution is how.
  • Got Blood?
  • Microsoft will make something that doesn't suck when they start manufacturing vacuum cleaners
  • Money talks. Chocolate sings.
  • Passing Side [left arrow]  Suicide [right arrow]
  • Power Corrupts--absolute power is kind of neat
  • R2D2 is my co-pilot
  • Two tons of screaming death metal  
  • Using your turn signal is not "giving information to the enemy"
  • Wanna come up and see my bumper sticker collection?
  • Warning: Law-abiding driver
  • Calculus: The agony and dx/dt   
  • Music is my drug of choice   
  • My other spaceship is a flying saucer   
  • ANYBODY BUT BUSH  It's a good thing David Duke isn't running
  • Preserve the old growth lithosphere. BAN SUBDUCTION!


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