Friends let you hide at their

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  • Friends let you hide at their place. Real friends let you hide bodies.
  • Gun Exchange programs would work great if they gave you a gun when you handed in a criminal!
  • Don't call us "gun nuts"-- with a government like ours, we'd be nuts not to have guns!
  • If you try to get my gun, don't expect to get my trust
  • REAL PROGRAMMERS DON'T DOCUMENT If it was hard to write, it should be impossible to understand!
  • My life may be weird, but at least it's not boring!
  • User Surly
  • I like noise. I need noise. When it's too quiet, I can hear my brain cells dying.
  • Always proofread. You might have something out.
  • It never fails! You start having fun, and they send in the lawyers.
  • The First Amendment grants Freedom of Speech THE SECOND GUARANTEES IT!
  • You don't need a pedigree to be a best friend
  • ZenCrafters Total enlightenment in about an hour!
  • Amateur Rocket Scientist My other vehicle is in orbit
  • Witch Wagon - Tailgaters will be Toad
  • Had a life. Traded it for a faster modem
  • Most men would respect a woman's mind more if it bounced gently as she walked.
  • Sanity is a state of mind ...but the taxes are so high, I had to move away.
  • Wizard Wagon - Tailgaters will be toad
  • Objects in mirror may have flunked driver ed
  • In space, your cat can't hear you open the can
  • Miskatonic Summer Games - Fastest food in Arkham


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