Fabricati Diem, PVNC

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  • Fabricati Diem, PVNC
  • Failure is not an option
  • Faith Manages
  • Fandom--drugs would be cheaper
  • Fandom is the world's most sophisticated and advanced system for just hanging around
  • Fandom isn't a matter of life and death--it's much more important than that
  • Fandom--not your ordinary elite
  • Fans ARE slans.  They're just not very good at it.
  • Fantasy is a crutch for people who can't handle soap operas
  • Fantasy isn't our crutch--it's arcane
  • The faults in bad software can be so subtle as to be practically theological
  • Fear no art
  • The fear of death is the beginning of slavery
  • Federal Expresso: When you absolutely, positively have to stay up all night
  • Federation Express: When it absolutely positively has to be there by Tuesday
  • Feeling smug about someone else's opinions is the very lifeblood of the net
  • Feline Sapiens
  • The few, the proud, the incurably insane--The Concom
  • Few things are as ego-boosting as being kicked out of an anarchy convention for unruly behavior
  • Few things are more dangerous than a hobbit with low blood sugar
  • FF buckets of bits on the bus, FF buckets of bits, Take one down and short it to ground, FE buckets of bits


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