Before I go to bed, I want

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  • Before I go to bed, I want some filk and cookies
  • Before my sword can pass through your neck it has to pass halfway through your neck.  But before it can pass halfway through your neck, it has to pass a quarter of the way through your neck, and before it can do *that*....  ---Xeno, Warrior Prince
  • Being a model means wearing clothes and not eating.  I'd rather eat and take off my clothes.
  • Being a pain in the ass is a prerogative of the creative mind
  • Being depressed by the poor isn't much worse than being bored by the rich
  • Being in politics is like being a football coach--you have to be smart enough to understand the game and stupid enough to think it's important
  • Being sexy is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it
  • Being weird isn't enough
  • Believing that you run the United States is a megalomanic delusion, especially if you're the President
  • Berserkers do it without thinking
  • The best defense is a strong offense, and I intend to start offending right now
  • Better dead than mellow
  • Better Living through Alchemy


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