best of craigslist : Free unfriendly black hamster

Ξ February 22nd, 2006 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Humour |

    Free unfriendly black hamster
    Date: Thu Apr 14 19:10:26 2005

    I want to get rid of this as*hole as soon as possible. Now, all you animal loves, calm down. I love animals too. But this jerk murdered my other hamster, whom I loved very much, by biting off and eating his head.

    So anyway, he is totally free if you want to come pick him up. He pees on you a lot, like basically everytime you touch him/pick him up. And he will probably eat the heads off any other hamster you cage him with. But he doesn't eat human heads (I'm pretty sure). E-mail me if you're interested.


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