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    58. Tui / The Joyous, Lake

    --- ---

    ------- above Tui The Joyous, Lake


    --- ---

    ------- below Tui The Joyous, Lake


The Judgement

    The Joyous. Success.

    Perseverance is favorable.

The Image

    Lakes resting on one another:

    The image of the Joyous.

    Thus the superior man joins with his friends

    For discussion and practice.

The Lines

    Nine at the beginning means:

    Contented joyousness. Good fortune.

    () Nine in the second place means:

    Sincere joyousness. Good fortune.

    Remorse disappears.

    [] Six in the third place means:

    Coming joyousness. Misfortune.

    Nine in the fourth place means:

    Joyousness that is weighed is not at peace.

    After ridding himself of mistakes a man has joy.

    () Nine in the fifth place means:

    Sincerity toward disintegrating influences is dangerous.

    [] Six at the top means:

    Seductive joyousness.


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