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    54. Kuei Mei / The Marrying Maiden

    --- --- 

    --- --- above Chên The Arousing, Thunder


    --- --- 

    ------- below Tui The Joyous, Lake


The Judgement

    The Marrying Maiden.

    Undertakings bring misfortune.

    Nothing that would further.

The Image

    Thunder over the lake:

    The image of The Marrying Maiden.

    Thus the superior man

    Understands the transitory

    In the light of the eternity of the end.

The Lines

    Nine at the beginning means:

    The marrying maiden as a concubine.

    A lame man who is able to tread.

    Undertakings bring good fortune.

    Nine in the second place means:

    A one-eyed man who is able to see.

    The perseverance of a solitary man furthers.

    [] Six in the third place means:

    The marrying maiden as a slave.

    She marries as a concubine.

    Nine in the fourth place means:

    The marrying maiden draws out the allotted time.

    A late marriage comes in due course.

    () Six in the fifth place means:

    The sovereign I gave his daughter in marriage.

    The embroidered garments of the princess

    Were not as gorgeous

    As those of the servingmaid.

    The moon that is nearly full

    Brings good fortune.

    [] Six at the top means:

    The woman holds the basket, but there are no fruits in it.

    The man stabs the sheep, but no blood flows.

    Nothing that acts to further.


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