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    34. Ta Chuang / The Power of the Great

    --- --- 

    --- --- above Chên The Arousing, Thunder



    ------- below Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven


The Judgement

    The Power of the Great. Perseverance furthers.

The Image

    Thunder in heaven above:

    The image of The Power of the Great.

    Thus the superior man does not tread upon paths

    That do not accord with established order.

The Lines

    Nine at the beginning means:

    Power in the toes.

    Continuing brings misfortune.

    This is certainly true.

    Nine in the second place means:

    Perseverance brings good fortune.

    Nine in the third place means:

    The inferior man works through power.

    The superior man does not act thus.

    To continue is dangerous.

    A goat butts against a hedge

    And gets its horns entangled.

    () Nine in the fourth place means:

    Perseverance brings good fortune.

    Remorse disappears.

    The hedge opens; there is no entanglement.

    Power depends upon the axle of a big cart.

    Six in the fifth place means:

    Loses the goat with ease.

    No remorse.

    Six at the top means:

    A goat butts against a hedge.

    It cannot go backward, it cannot go forward.

    Nothing serves to further.

    If one notes the difficulty, this brings good fortune.


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