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    33. Tun / Retreat


    ------- above Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven



    --- --- below Kên Keeping Still, Mountain

    --- --- 

The Judgement

    Retreat. Success.

    In what is small, perseverance furthers.

The Image

    Mountain under heaven: the image of Retreat.

    Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance,

    Not angrily but with reserve.

The Lines

    [] Six at the beginning means:

    At the tail in retreat. This is dangerous.

    One must not wish to undertake anything.

    Six in the second place means:

    He holds him fast with yellow oxhide.

    No one can tear him loose.

    Nine in the third place means:

    A halted retreat

    Is nerve-wracking and dangerous.

    To retain people as men- and maidservants

    Brings good fortune.

    Nine in the fourth place means:

    Voluntary retreat brings good fortune to the superior man

    And downfall to the inferior man.

    () Nine in the fifth place means:

    Friendly retreat. Perseverance brings good fortune.

    Nine at the top means:

    Cheerful retreat. Everything serves to further.


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