A youth asked

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A youth asked,
What of Night and Day?

He then said:
The darkness of Night is less in the sky than in the mind. For which of us cannot create the illusion of Night by holding a large hollow gourd over his head?
Far different the Day, the Master continued.
It is beyond man's capacity, even for an instant, to create the appearance of Day.

But the petulant youth persisted:
What if one were to gather a thousand candles in a single room?

The Master responded:
A thousand candles do not equal a Day, even in a small room -- say, nine and a half by eleven.
It's different -- take my word for it.
Ten thousand candles, Master?
Twenty thousand candles, Master?
Sixty thousand candles, Master?
One hundred thousand candles, Master?
I give up, the youth exclaimed.
Too bad, the Master shouted, you only missed by six.

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