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r u m d o o d l e

Once upon a time ago, but not very far away I used to drink rum, course I wasn't quite yet in my teens at that time so I didn't know better, red rum for preference, how I used to despise white rum drinkers!

Used to be I would doodle as well, one time during an important exam I was doodling a ship, maritime themes being rather a favourite at that time, and this teacher (playing adjudicator) for the day walked past and informed me that that would be the ship that sank me. He was rather noted for his cheap-shot sarcasm and ascerbic wit, it would be easy to write him off as playing the supercilious pseudo-intellectual big man in a small town school, but actually I suspect his jibes (viciously and personally barbed as they were) came from a real desire to goad students to to better, to struggle out of their inadequacies... just like many (all??) of us, life had never equipped him with the proper skills and circumstances to properly fulfill that oh-so-frustrated! need to do some good, to help, to...

But ya know that wasn't the boat that sank me, academically sank that is, which is what he meant of course; in the end it was the rum. And by rum I do rather mean snakebite (pints bought 4 at a time, I've always been terrified of running out) and southern comfort. A brief moment to say "yes yes; I know," rather aesthetically tasteless drinks, nowadays I drink the far more adult combination of cheap lager washed down with hopes and dreams of youth deliquesced into some strange bitter vitriol with the bite of aniseed and the salty aftertaste of tears...

I realise that I am talking more about myself than rumdoodle, damn you to hell most free-associating of brains!

He seems like a lovely guy, and he seems to be having a lovely time of things, living the wild outdoor life. With loads of auroras I imagine,.

God how I love auroras!



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