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      All immigration controls must go.

      No One Is Illegal (NOII) UK challenges the ideology of immigration controls and campaigns for their total abolition . We oppose controls in principle and reject any idea there can be "fair" of "just" or "reasonable" or "non racist" controls We make no distinction between economic migrants and refugees, between the legal and the illegal. These are political categories invented by politicians. We campaign to break down these categories and support free movement for all and unity between all.

      According to the media and parliamentarians, immigration controls are basic, god-given fact of life. To suggest their abolition invites violent condemnation for utopic and even dangerous naivety. Even those critical of controls argue that it is necessary to be "pragmatic", to be "realistic", to accept that the abolition of controls is unrealistic and to concentrate on trying to make the laws "fairer" In our view this turns politics on its head. What is utopic, what is unrealistic, is the idea that controls can be sanitized, turned into their opposite and made fairer.

      Immigration controls are not a natural feature of life. Though appearing timeless they are relatively new. Britain had none at all till 1905. Throughout the world (and controls are global) restrictions on the movement of people is essentially a twentieth century phenomenon - that is a phenomenon of imperialism.



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