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Ξ October 24th, 2005 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Computing |

      Once upon a time with a simple article about DNS structuring I caused DJBongHit to rush out and buy

      I like to think that this has saved hapless stoner types the world over from hours of confusion, and paranoia caused by finding that the site wasn't there when they, in their herbally induced mental myopia typed in .com instead of .org.

      It is not impossible to imagine that stashes and even lives might not have been saved by this philanthropic happenstance, as I am sure there are more than a few out there would have immediately imagined that this apparent absense meant THE MAN was onto them, flushed their makings down the loo and promptly defenestrated themselves with great cries of "woe is me!" to avoid the hideous tortures and probings that THE MAN is infamous for inflicting upon his victii.

      Ok sure, you may say it's just a bunch of druggies; but they too, like the humble muskrat, are part of the ecosystem too.

      This, was that very article.



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