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      CFinder is a free software for finding overlapping dense groups of nodes in networks, based on the Clique Percolation Method, CPM, of Palla et. al. (2005).

      CFinder offers a fast and efficient method for clustering data represented by large graphs, such as genetic or social networks and microarray data.

      A cluster -- also called community or module -- in a network is a group of nodes more densely connected to each other than to nodes outside the group. In real networks clusters often overlap.

        The communities of the word "bright" in a word association network, the South Florida Free Association norms list, represent the different meanings of this word. Communities are color coded, the overlapping nodes and links between them are emphasized in red, and the volume of a ball (the width of a link) is proportional to the total number of communities it belongs to. Parameter values of the algorithm are k=4 and w*=0.025.



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