Genevieve Taggard “Interior”

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Genevieve Taggard
(Published in Proletarian Literature in the United States [1935].)

    A middle class fortress in which to hide!
    Draw down the curtain as if saying No,
    While noon's ablaze, ablaze outside.
    And outside people work and sweat
    And the day clings by and the hard day ends.
    And after you doze brush out your hair
    And walk like a marmoset to and fro
    And look in the mirror at middle-age
    And sit and regard yourself stare and stare
    And hate your life and your tiresome friends
    And last night's bridge where you went in debt;
    While all around you gathers the rage
    Of cheated people
    Will we hear your fret
    In the rising noise of the streets? Oh no!



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