At 6 I have to be back in

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At 6 I have to be back in Prague — Major Dust Storm on Mars Visible with Backyard Telescopes

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From the page: "A major dust storm has just broken out on Mars and the event will be visible this weekend with good-sized backyard telescopes.

The timing is incredible. Amateur skywatchers around the world are planning to gaze at Mars Saturday night because it will be closer to Earth than anytime until the year 2018.

The dust storm was no more than a small bright dot Thursday yet it was large and obvious Friday, as seen in images taken by Clay Sherrod at the Arkansas Sky Observatories.

NASA took note and is monitoring signals from its Mars rovers, one of which has detected signs of the storm, has learned.

The storm "will be quite obvious and plainly visible in even small telescopes from the Western Hemisphere for about the next week," Sherrod said in an email to colleagues that was forwarded to"


hmm I took my backyard telescope out to my backyard. It promptly clouded up.


Looking West along Loch Earn from St. Fillans

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one of my bro's pics. he has a better tripod than me, the top stays on it and everything.


culture isn’t a zero sum

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culture isn't a zero sum game.


MMW Artworks – Artwork by Mira M. White

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Be Like Eeyore

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Be Like Eeyore

      There are many people in the world who pretend to be much happier than they are. These people are intelligent people whose low self-esteem causes them to try to blend in with the less-intelligent crowd. Eeyore can see these pretenders for what they are; after all, it's hardly possible for anybody to be as happy as all that without having brains consisting of fluff (yes, he has someone specific in mind). In an attempt to save these poor misguided souls (who are not fooling anyone), Eeyore has made up a List of Things for Intelligent People to do in Order to Free Themselves from Societal Dumbification.

        1. Don't Whistle. God smites whistlers - okay, maybe not, but he should. Humming and singing are much more tolerable, if you must do something.

        2. Wear Dark Colors. You look much more dignified that way. Your red dress is okay, but your pastel floral shorts are embarassing. Black isn't really the absence of color, as others would have you believe -- that's only true in terms of light. As far as your clothing is concerned, black is all colors.

        3. Stop Drawing Attention to Yourself. Everybody who counts has probably noticed that you exist, and will continue to do so even if you don't act like a walking parade float. Remember: the first time is cute, but the second time is annoying.

        4. Your Dog Does Not Want to Wear the Pink Boots. So stop making him.

        5. Is your name "Cookie"? "Candi"? Something similar? Did your parents really name you that? Most

        likely, they gave you a less-perky name from which the monstrous nickname sprung. "Candace" is a beautiful name. Use it.

        6. Are you always telling other people to "cheer up"? Annoyingly happy people are always finding fault with those who do not share their false cheer. Instead of antagonizing the less-perky people around you, try antagonizing the annoyingly cheerful. It's not just the right thing to do, it's also fun.

        Remember, dignity is a good thing. No matter what the cheerful people think, they are not dignified. Stand tall and be proud of yourself as a non-perky person. You're making the world a more tolerable place.

        Found on Zarahminor's page


Home: No One Is Illegal!

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      All immigration controls must go.

      No One Is Illegal (NOII) UK challenges the ideology of immigration controls and campaigns for their total abolition . We oppose controls in principle and reject any idea there can be "fair" of "just" or "reasonable" or "non racist" controls We make no distinction between economic migrants and refugees, between the legal and the illegal. These are political categories invented by politicians. We campaign to break down these categories and support free movement for all and unity between all.

      According to the media and parliamentarians, immigration controls are basic, god-given fact of life. To suggest their abolition invites violent condemnation for utopic and even dangerous naivety. Even those critical of controls argue that it is necessary to be "pragmatic", to be "realistic", to accept that the abolition of controls is unrealistic and to concentrate on trying to make the laws "fairer" In our view this turns politics on its head. What is utopic, what is unrealistic, is the idea that controls can be sanitized, turned into their opposite and made fairer.

      Immigration controls are not a natural feature of life. Though appearing timeless they are relatively new. Britain had none at all till 1905. Throughout the world (and controls are global) restrictions on the movement of people is essentially a twentieth century phenomenon - that is a phenomenon of imperialism.



Mere Outline {4th Edition}

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      A Mere Outline for One Aspect of a Book on Mystery Catalysts, Guerrilla Playfare, neoism, booed usic, Mad Scientist Didactions, Acts of As-Beenism, So-Called Whatevers, Psychopathfinding, Uncerts, Air Dressing, Practicing Promotextuality, Imp Activism, CircumSubstantial Playing, etc..



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About the Founding of the S.P.C.S.M.E.F.

Having heard Stan Brakhage speak about his hypnogogic vision & having heard him mention that brine shrimp were used in the making of some of his films & having then seen some recent examples, a few people were horrified to have not seen any disclaimer announcing that "No Sea Monkeys were Harmed in the Making of This Film". It's a well-known fact that certain paints used in hand-painting celluloid can lead to bladder cancer. This cancer in brine shrimp is particularly harsh since problems with voiding water in sea creatures can lead to their DROWNING - an especially horrible death! Imagine suffocating from breathing air! There's simply no place to turn to. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sea-Monkeys by Experimental Filmmakers has been created as response to this disturbing situation.

When proposals for 1st actions were put forth & the possibility of boycotting Mr. Brakhage's films was brought up, it was decided that he was NOT an experimental filmmaker because he uses the same techniques over & over again & simply DESCRIBES each film differently. As such, this society is soliciting information about truly experimental filmmakers who misuse sea-monkeys & who may not be well-known because of their non-canonization. PLEASE HELP US BRING THESE SLIME OUT OF THE SHADOWS SO THAT WE CAN GIVE THEM THEIR DUE!

Thank you,

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE pretending to represent Etta Cetera

p.s. That is the Etta Cetera of armchair racing fame.

Thank you again.


~ Lorenz Peter ~

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