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From his blog:
Spent much of my life working as a photojournalist, documentary photog. Have time in Somolia, East Africa, middle and near east, other places. Most recently, Ireland, the Irish people and landscape, and "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Six award-winning books published on Ireland since 2000 and working on another. Recent grand adventure was crawling on hands and knees down the collapsed passage of the chambered passage tomb, Knowth, on summer solstice 2005 to photograph the oldest map of the moon known to man, carved on a stone inside the chamber around 3200 bc. Only thing better are the friends I've met along the way . . . I am indeed blessed.


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  1. David Howard Pettit said,

    on June 1st, 2009 at 4:29 am

    Just read/viewed Standing Stones to Stormont and was amazed. I visited Ireland once on a short business trip in 1982 that I have never forgotten.
    Thank you. DHP – Tulsa, OK

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