Scotland tops list of worlds most violent countries – Times Online

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Yer tea's oot!

Hmm I do actually carry a knife slightly more than is technically legal, rarely needed to use it though, suspect there's something misleading in these stats.

Dunno about the guns thing, on one hand it would be nice to have to hand for dealing with loud "foreign" tourists going on about how everything is bigger and better in "where they come from", (and of course going on endlessly about guns, I mean they are just a tool people, not some elixir vitae, don't see how the fact that their primary purpose is to make people dead makes them better than say a hammer, which can be used to make people dead, AND hammer in nails in an efficient manner, hmm or a screwdriver, oooo or gaffa tape for that matter, you can actually use that to crush someone's skull, well ok, would probably need the screwdriver again, or a stick, but it's easily done) I of course have no objection to shooting people if they are too stupid to be worth arguing with, or if they have the audacity to irritate me.

However guns /are/ kinda wussy, anyone can shoot someone, it's point and click for jeff's sake, the imac of the weapons world.

Unless you are Chow Yun Fat in which case they are cool, but let's face it, most of us aren't.

Swords would perhaps be a nice compromise, they are far more honorable, whilst still being quite effective.

Legalise swords now!

Just as an addendum to this, should point out that discussing gun control in the context of this article and report is a complete non-sequitor. 99% of these assaults are going to involve lots of drink, and possibly drugs, by both parties. Anyone taking a firearm with them when they go out for a night on the piss seriously does need assaulting, by the guys in the neenaw cars, then to spend a few years at her majesty's pleasure. Should no more consider carrying a weapon when inebriated and in a state to be unable to do so without due safety than you should operating a motor vehicle.


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