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From the page: "Knowledge comes from without, wisdom wells up within. Knowledge can be transferred, can be borrowed from books, can be imparted and taught, while wisdom is not transferable. Wisdom is learners' own revelation of the unbreakable unity of the ecological web they are imbedded in, a self-discovery of The Individual as a microcosm of The Universal.

Knowledge looks for insights and inspiration from outside. Wisdom finds them inside. At the moment when we turn our attention to an object that is outside us, it immediately projects onto our inner space and the perception of this object becomes encompassed and penetrated by our inner dynamics - the dynamics of our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, intentions, aspirations, inspirations. The mystery of our creativity is hidden inside us: we can see so much from the outside world as we have developed inside by expanding and honing our ability to explore the depths of our own nature, to reveal and discover its enigmas and secrets. The study of our inner world is of vital importance for comprehending and dealing with the world outside us. It is in the inner space of our intimate experience where we can look for the umbilical cord connecting us with the self-sustaining source of the existential dynamics.

Knowledge prefers logical explanations to paradoxes, while wisdom thrives on paradoxes and puts stress on the spirit of the process of learning rather than on the search for intellectual solutions. Paradoxes cannot be resolved intellectually - it is learners' faith and will, motivations and drives, creativity and intuition that make paradoxes dissolve."


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