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By the myriad good fortunes I find a sign on my travels.
Quite succinctly summarising my life so far, as it did.
It saves me from the pressing necessity of writing my memoirs.
The Great Emerald Buddha thumbs her nose at artichoke farmers.


Underclocker Obscura :: 10th – Velvia :: 5

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We sailed on out from helsinki town
yo ho ho and a bottle of plonk
restaurants up and shopping deck down
yo ho ho and a bottle of plonk

(continued page 92...)


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and by 'sundeck' they do indeed mean Dark Cold Windy Rainy Foggy Deck


Underclocker Obscura :: 10th – Velvia :: 14

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three crystals aligned most mystically
two of a reddish hue
one photo for mine stoner friend,
and in the darkness bind the...

oh wait, wrong story.


Underclocker Obscura :: 4th :: 22

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Red sun go down way over dirty town
Starling are sweeping around crazy shoals
A girl is there high heeling across the square
Wind blows around in her hair and the flags upon the poles
Waiting in the crowd to cross at the light
She looks around to find a face she can like.

Church bell clinging on trying to get a crowd for Evensong
Nobody cares to depend upon the chime it plays
They're all in the station praying for trains
Cogregations late again
It's getting darker all the time these flagpole days
Drunk old soldier he gives her a fright
He's crazy lion howling for a fight.

Strap hanging gunshot sound
Doors slamming on the overground
Starlings are tough but the lions are made of stone
Her evening paper is horror torn
But there's hope later for Capricorns
Her lucky stars give her just enough to get home
Then she's reading about a swing to the right
But she's thinking about a stranger in the night
I'm thinking about the lions tonight
What happened to the lions.

- Dire Straits -

And now we know...

They migrated north for the Summer, as lions do of course.
I often see great flocks of them flying over here on their way from
Africa*, a sturdy umbrella is well advised for walking out on those days.

* Oddly, when I tell peple this they keep suggesting I might want to lay off
the herbal sleeping pills, I am just completely unable to see the connection.
People can be so random sometimes 8)


Underclocker Obscura :: 4th :: 24

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Thanks to Sweden's advanced egalitarian social policies
homelessness and vagrancy are almost entirely unknown.
I did however run into one bum on my midnight wandering.
This is it 😀


Underclocker Obscura :: 4th :: 2

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When I passed it, this hijacked sign managed to insightfully summarise and fully, wholly, completely express in its simple semiotic innocence ... an emotion I wasn't feeling anything remotely similar to at the time.


Underclocker Obscura :: 4th :: 25

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Knowing human nature, as I do, I would just like to disclaim all responsibility
for the sudden influx of people rushing to Stockholm to piss in the illustrated doorway

(*grumble* Why is it that if people aren't doing what they're told, they're
busy making a point of doing exactly the opposite???
Heaven's forfend they should actually think for their thimbling selves for once */grumble*)


tikkyfares reviews

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My most favouritist Turkish Delight ever!


============== Archived Till Next Year ==============

In honour of the first ever official annual We Love Tikkyfare! week (and we all do 😀 )

Since, they say, woman has no brains or wit,

Whatever she speaks, they excuse it.

But your humble servant Tikky demurs

And states with that mature wisdom of hers:

Far better to have one woman with class

Than a thousand males all of whom are crass;

I would take one woman with acumen

Over a thousand muddle-headed men.

(altered slightly from the original by Mihri Hatun *grin*)


Image gallery browser from habett aka stéphane roux

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