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How truly wonderful it is to find someone who has devoted their very nickname itself to the unsung but valiant cause of turning upside down (or inside out -- who know? who cares! it's all brillig.) that most uniquely feminine of undergarments.

Either fortunatley or unfortunatly, not my 8000th visitor as she appears to have rather strong views on simians, although whether slapping them about a bit is something she has a penchant for is left unsaid.

Oddly seems to think that frogs copulate, thought it was rather well know than frogs, like their noble cousins the toads actually play trombones, often dressed in cute little pageboy outfits. Just one of those things, like rabbits and top hats... I mean copulating frogs??? the very thought... *shakes head in bemused fashion in order to indicate extremes of totally bemused bemusement*


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