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Once upon a time, long long ago, and on a farm far far away. Well ok, not that far away, only about 50 miles, less as the crow flies (and no dear reader that isn't the punchline to my tale yet ;).. in fact here it is. However I digress.

Once upon a time, long long ago, well ok, not that long ago, although truly it seems like a different lifetime now, I lved there.

As well as merely living there we had a landrover, it was the most wonderful landrover you have ever known, just the standard 2.25 engine, in a standard series III body with all the standard replacement rusty underbits that landrovers need from year to year, but it was the most wonderful as it was ours, and we could drive it round the farm with the roof off, bouncing gaily over bumpy fields and fallen down walls...

One place we often used to bounce gaily to was down through the old forest (which was so old it had been named an SSSI, and dear reader if you don't know what one of those are you can ask your mummy, she's sure to know, mummies know everything) and onto the bright sandy beach that lay sleepily along the side of the loch, there to swim, canoe, or drive up, down, over, and across the river where it became calm and fat below the waterfall that fell forever.

So there was I driving back from one such journey, t-shirted and shorted in the heat of the summer, sticking to the vinyl seats a little, but hot, tired, and happy, as only a kid with a landrover who has just spent the day at the beach can ever truly be... and what should happen along but this crow, and a strange crow it was, it flew over and round and ever closer and closer as I drove along. Until finally it landed on the back of the landrover, this was rather disconcerting but I figured hey! mebbe it suspects me of having food, so I continued driving along, as one does generally does in these sorts of situations.



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