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Ξ March 24th, 2005 | → 0 Comments | ∇ People |

I drove for an hour to go to the Insommnia 24 hour cafe in Glasgow at 5 in the morning last week in order to experience their famed Scottish Breakfast.

It was Under New Management.

It was CLOSED!

I was most unchuffed.

I drove back.

Which also in some strange symmetry took an hour.

In the complete absense of any evidence to the contrary I'm assuming that my wasted journey and lack of heart attack inducing fried yumminess can directly be attributed to Libation.

However I've forgiven him now, after all it was the first time as far as I can recall, so one hopes it was just an oversight rather than indicative of some deeper and more sinister breakfast denier/hater trend.


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