Summertime time time time time

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Summertime time time time time.. and the living is easy...

Picture if you will, a kitchen window set in plain sandy cream walls, through it can be seen blue sky caught in the bright dark green foliage of a young oak tree.

The leaves of the oak sussurate gently in the light summer breeze, the light is delicate and golden ...not hot yet... but with the gentle cool warmth of morning that fortells the later heat of the day.

There is a park across the way, it can't be seen from the window, but there are children playing there already, their play thrilled voices made mellow by distance ...sounding almost now like mellifluously burbling water flowing clear and scintillating over rocks from a high mountain spring.

There is a slight refreshing chill to the room, shadows from the oak cast by the low morning sun play on the unadorned wall to left of the of the one window rests in.

Dust motes dance and firefly in the air between.

A refrigerator sits open toward the end of the wall, completely empty but for a single cucumber. The yellow sunlight makes the green of its skin and pale inner flesh seem slightly luminous, about perhaps one third has previously been sliced away and eaten.

The rest remains there, cool and calming, sun and shadow playing on it to the music of leaves and distant children.


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